The Text, Issue #11 (Beat Thing) by Jafrate, Keith (editor).…

The Text, Issue #11 (Beat Thing) by Jafrate, Keith (editor). Meltzer, David. George Campbell. Sarah Murphy < >

The Text, Issue #11 (Beat Thing)

First Edition

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire: The Word Hoard, 1998. 22 numbered, loose pages, on buff 11 x 8.5 inch paper, with purple cover sheet. Includes excerpts from works in progress of three authors, including Meltzer. The Text was published bimonthly for a couple of years. Meltzer says of his contribution: "What started out as a critique of the Whitney Museum exhibition of postwar U.S. arts & a snarl against postwar anti-materialism being commodified into shiny mythologems wrapped up like candybars for the historically challenged gobblers of fast-food history, skidded into an ongoing & infinitely more complicated reclamation of 1945-65 &, in turn, it opened into testimony & contentious autobiography. The two long excerpts came from the beginning of the work, while the two that close this selection reflect a turn from polemic into deeper intentionality & reflecting not only the kaleidoscopic montage I was able to absorb as a kid growing up in the time-zone but a dialogue with what I've subsequently learned through doing research on the project. It's a work that won't quit & at the moment hits the scales at 400 pages." Beat Thing eventually was published at 154 pages in 2004. ISBN: 281AIB1050264.

First edition (first printing). A fine copy.

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