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  • Michaels, Leonard
    Going Places (plate proof)

    New York: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1968. Loose sheets, 25 x 6.25 inches. ISBN: 281AIB1050498.

    Sheets stamped "PLATE PROOF." Very good copy. Some notes in margins and on sticky notes.

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  • Michaels, Leonard
    Going Places (author's proof)

    New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1968. Loose sheets, 25 x 6.5 inches, 3 pages of book/sheet. ISBN: 281AIB1050496.

    Sheets stamped " AUTHOR'S PROOF, Dec 11 1968, H. Wolff Book Mfg. Co." Some notes in page margins in different color inks.

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  • Michaels, Leonard
    Going Places [galleys, with master copy of "Finn" (9 typed pages) to be inserted between gal, 49 and gal. 50]

    New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1968. 107 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, plus 9 typed pages, identified as "Master Copy" of 'Finn' with instructions to insert this story between gal. 49 and gal.50. The author's first book. ISBN: 281AIB1050495.

    Very good copy of galleys for book with corrections, editing notes, and layout instructions throughout. The typed Master Copy for 'Finn' has numerous corrections done in unknown hand.

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  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
    Law and Order in San Francisco: A Beginning

    First Edition

    San Francisco: Chamber of Commerce. 41 pages. "On November 7, 1916, when [the Law and Order] Committee had been organized but four months, there was placed upon the statute booksof San Francisco by a majority vote of all the people, an ordinance prohibiting picketing, thus relieving the city for all time of an instrument of violence, intimidation, and crime." An anti-union pamphlet from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. Illustrated with fold-out facsimiles of newspaper headlines about strike violence. ISBN: B0028GQ56W.

    First edition (first printing). A near fine copy in yellow illustrated wrappers (paperback), sewn. Newspaper inserts are browned and edges are flaking. Covers are tanned and soiled, edges are rolled. Edges and corners are worn.

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  • Parke-Bernet Galleries
    Modern French Illustrated Books, Including Important Surrealist Work and Other Illustrated Art Books. Part II of the Collection of Harriman Douglas

    First Edition

    New York: Parke-Bernet Galleries. 148 pages. B/W illustrations. Sale was held in Los Angeles January 13 and 14, 1953. Outstanding collection of modern and French School book art and bindings. ISBN: B003VRN60K.

    First edition (first printing). Very good copy in printed wrappers (paperback). Sales prices entered in pencil.

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  • Bronte, Charlotte. Emily and Anne Bronte
    The Professor. To which are added The Poems of Charlotte, Emily & Anne Bronte

    Oxford University Press, 1933. 427 plus 16 pages of ads. ISBN: 281AIB1050490.

    Later printing. Near fine copy in blue cloth with ribbon page marker.

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  • Sand, George. Translated by Francis G. Shaw
    The Countess of Rudolstadt. Volume II

    Boston: William D. Ticknor and Company, 1847. 302 pages. ISBN: 281AIB1050489.

    Later printing. Very good copy in broen printed wrappers (paperback). Mild edge and corner wear. Small chip at top of spine. Former owner signature on half-title page. Book is cocked.

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  • Morrison, R. M.
    The Volunteer's Vision

    San Francisco: Thomas W. Norris. Printed by Grabhorn Press, 1940. 12 pages. Facsimile edition. Printed by Norris to present to his friends for Christmas. Printed by Grabhorn Press. ISBN: B00GCQHDQU.

    Reprint, facsimile edition. Very good copy, loose pages, unbound without ties, and without mention of Norris, in wrappers (paperback).

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  • New York Historical Society
    The New York Historical Society (document) electing Daniel Drew Chamberlin a Resident Life Member

    New York Historical Society, 1857. One sheet, 17 x 14 inches. ISBN: 281AIB1050485.

    First edition (first printing). Very good copy on blue laid paper signed by multple officers and with seal of the society. Document has ben folded and has lonbg split along the center fold. There is fading along folds and on edges.

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  • Hoffer, William (Bill)
    Typed letter signed

    Vancouver: Tanks, 1987. ISBN: 281AIB1050484.

    Typed letter signed, on TANKS letterhead, addressed to I. T. Holtzman, January 5, 1987:, approximately 280 words, discussing publication of Kinsella's Five Stories, the new letterhead, the publication of The Machine Minders and personal matters. With invoice for Five Stories; a xerox of the first poem in the Faludy collection (one sheet printed on both sides); copy of an ad in Globe & Mail (one sheet); one sheet on TANKS letterhead explaining why the recipient is being sent a copy of The Machine Minders: " recommended yourself for political and geographical reasons. The distribution of TANKS is not an easy undertaking, particularly in the face of the hostility of those who have sold themselves to the government, and those whose self esteem has become inseparable from the unhampered continuation of the system." In TANKS envelope with typed address.

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  • Winters, Janet Lewis (Winters Yvor)
    Typed letter signed (1page); typed letter signed (2 pages); holograph letter signed (1 sheet folded)

    Los Altos: 1973, 1974, 1980. ISBN: 281AIB1050481.

    3 letters each addressed to Peter Howard, Serendipity Books: 1. typed letter signed, Los Altos, Oct. 14, 1973: regarding Hart Crane manuscripts and letters, and other Winters holograph poems and collages; with holograph addressed envelope; 2. typed letter signed, Los Altos, May 13, 1974: consists of a list of 50 books being considered for sale to Peter Howard or to be a part of a "Winters Archive"; 3. holograph letter, Los Altos, Oct. 30, 1980: discussing additional Winters books and books by Janet's father being considered for sale to Peter Howard.

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  • Fowler, Gene. Larry Eigner
    typed letter, with art, signed (4 pages); typed letter signed (6 pages)

    n.p., ?Berkeley: 1966, 1967. ISBN: 281AIB1050478.

    Both letters are addressed to Larry (Eigner): 1. 4 typed pages,dated 24-May-66, approximately 450 words, with color ink drawing on second page. Very good content about his current work and plans. 2. 6 typed pages, dated, December 1, 1967, very detailed personal letter about his work, plans, and challenges. Approximately 2000 words. Fowler's first chapbook, "Field Studies" was published in 1965. Provenance: Serendipity Books, Peter Howard.

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  • Olsen, Tillie
    Tell Me a Riddle

    New York: Delacorte Press / Seymour Lawrence, 1961. 116 pages. One of 100 numbered copies signed by the author. First published in 1956; the author's first book. It was adapted for the film with the same name in 1980 starring Melvyn Douglas, Lila Kedrova, Brooke Adams, Peter Coyote and Zalman King. ISBN: 9780440086444.

    First signed / limited edition (first printing). A near fine hardcover copy; no dust jacket. Cloth with some uneven toning to the spine. In the publisher's blue slipcase with gold lettering with light fading to the edges a some insect markings. Copy number 19.

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  • (Dohrn, Anton) Groeben, Christiane
    La Sala degli Affreschi nella Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn: Ideatori et Artefici

    First Edition

    Naples: Gaetano Macchiaroli Editore, 1995. 78 pages. 6 color plates and numerous B/W illustrations. Text in Italian. Oblong format, 9.6 x 6.5 inches. ISBN: 281AIB1050475.

    First edition (first printing). A near fine copy in illustrated wrappers (paperback).

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  • Allen, Florence
    typed letter signed

    Columbus, Ohio: 1927. Single sheet, 11 x 8.5 inches, printed on one side. Florence E. Allen (1884-1966) was the first woman to serve on a state supreme court (Ohio, 1923-34) and one of the first two women to serve as a US federal judge (1934-66). In 2005, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame. ISBN: 281AIB1050474.

    Typed letter on Supreme Court of Ohio Columbus letterhead: "December 7, 1927. Mrs. Theodore Cogswell, 2331 Cathedral Avenue, Washington, D. C. Dear Mrs. Cogswell: I am enclosing herewith an account of my expenses to and from Washington. May I tell you how greatly I enjoyed my opportunity of meeting with the Women's Bar Association? It was a most pleasurable experience, and I hope that I may have the opportunity later to come in closer touch with all of you. With best wishes, very sincerely yours, Florence E. Allen, Judge of the Supreme Court." Letter has been folded to fit into an envelope.

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  • Harrison, Pat
    typed letter signed

    Washington, D.C: One sheet, 10.5 x 8 inches, typed on one side. Harrison (1881-1941), from Mississippi, was a member of the House of Representatives, 1911-1919, and the Senate, 1919-1941. ISBN: 281AIB1050473.

    Typed letter signed on United States Senate, Committee on Finance letterhead. Harrison was chairman of the committee. "Mrs. Thomas St. V. Ward, Way, Mississippi. Dear Mrs. Ward: Your letter of recent date with reference to the lease-lend bill came duly to hand, and I appreciate your writing me. We are dealing with extreme delicate situations here and are doing our best. While we are not at war, and God forbid us getting into war, certain steps must be taken to protect ourselves, and to this end we are bending our efforts. Thank you for your letter and with best wishes, I am, Sincerely yours, Pat Harrison."

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  • Bock, W. D. et al.
    Memoir 1: Miami Geological Society. A Sumposium of Recent Souty Florida Forminifera

    Maimi: Miami Geological Society, 1971. ISBN: 281AIB1050470.

    A very good copy in wrappers (paperback). Black tape binding torn at the edges.

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  • Owen, Ruth Bryan
    typed letter signed

    Pocatello, Idaho: 1928. Single sheet, 11 x 7.25 inches. Ruth Bryan Owen (1885-1954) served two terms in the US House of Representatives from Florida (1926-1933) and was the first female appointed as US ambassador (to Denamrk and Iceland, 1933-1934, appointed by FDR). She is the daughter of William Jennings Bryan and Mary E. Baird. ISBN: 281AIB1050471.

    Typed letter signed: " Pocatello, Idaho, November 22, 1928. My dear Mrs. Cogswell, I regret so much that this lecture tour which compels me to be in California on December 15th will prevent my acceptance of the much appreciated invitation of the Woman's Bar Association of the District of Columbia. I hope that I may have an opportunity in the future to let the Association know how much I appreiate their thought of me. Very sincerely yours, Ruth Bryan Owen." Paper is tanned and there are small closed tears on bottom edge.

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  • Pratt, Ruth
    typed letter signed

    1928. Ruth Pratt (1877-1965) was the first woman elected to Congress from New York. ISBN: 281AIB1050467.

    Typed letter, 7.75 x 5.4 inches, signed, on letterhead: 7, East Sixty-first Street: "November 13, 1928. My dear Mrs. Cogswell: Thank you so much for your letter and for your delightful invitation which I regret I am unable to accept as I am unable to make any definite plans for the middle of December. My small daughter, who lives in Boston is coming to be with me at that time, when she is expecting her baby to arrive, so I do not want to accept any invitation that will take me frrom New York. I appreciate your thought of me and am really very sorry that I shall not be able to be with you. I know it will be a most delightful occasion. Sincerely yours, Ruth Pratt." Letter has a fold 1/2 inch from bottom.

    Book ID: 267047
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  • Lewis, K. B.
    A Key to the Recent Genera of the Foraminiferida

    Wellington: New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1970. 88 pages. 8-1/2 by 11 inches. New Zealand Oceanographic Institute Memoir No. 45. ISBN: B002EO4PZ6.

    Very good in wrappers (paperback). Ex-library stamp on cover.

    Book ID: 267048
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  • Gill, Eric
    and who wants Peace?

    Nevada City, California: Berliner & Lanigan, mid-1940s. 9 pages. Reprint of The Catholic Worker publication of 1936. ISBN: 281AIB1050466.

    Reprint edition. Very good copy in yellow wrappers (paperback), stapled. Rust around staples. Prior seller wrote 'price .10' on front cover in ink.

    Book ID: 267046
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  • The Gallery. No. 5, April 1939

    First Edition

    High Wycombe, Bucks: The Gallery, 1939. 1 sheet folded twice to create 8 pages. A small pamphlet dedicated to promoting Catholic tenets. ISBN: 281AIB1050465.

    First edition (first printing). A near fine copy in wrappers (paperback). Paper is browned.

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  • Webb, David S.
    Burge and Minnechaduza Clarendonian Mammalian Faunas of North-central Nebraska

    First Edition

    Berkeley: Universtiy of California Press, 1969. 191 pages. Universtiy of California Publications in Geological Sciences Volume 78. ISBN: 9780520091818.

    First edition (first printing). Very good in wrappers (paperback). Loss to the spine head.

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  • Whittemore, Reed
    typed letter signed

    Washington, D.C: Library of Congress, 1964. ISBN: 281AIB1050462.

    Single sheet, 11 x 8.5 inches, on Library of Congress letterhead: "December 2, 1964, Dear Mr. Rupp (Richard Rupp, English Department, Georgetown University), How about, as a subject, "The Poet Huffs and Puffs to Blow the House Down"? I've been lecturing, round and about, on the subject of the relationship of the artist to society, and I find that some of my own work, like so much modern verse, can be classified as social and cultural protest -- hence the suggestion. Or, less windily, "The Poet as Destroyer." Sincerely, Reed Whittemore, Consultant in Poetry." Whittemore (1919-2012) was the 16th (and later the 28th) Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry in 1964 to the Library of Congress. Letter has been folded twice to fit into envelope.

    Book ID: 267041
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  • Wilson, Angus
    holograph letter, holograph postcard, signed Christmas card, photograph (2 - one signed with date)

    Suffolk: 1955-6. ISBN: 281AIB1050461.

    All items are addressed to Herman Rappaport, Brooklyn, New York. . Holograph letter, postmarked, May 7, 1955: 02 Grenville House, Dolphin Square, London, S.W.1. Dear Mr. Rappaport, Here at long last are the labels and snaps you sent me duly signed. I have been busy getting my play put on in London. As I do not suppose it will be done in U.S.A. I shall arrange for a copy to be sent to you. It is called "The Mulberry Bush." My new novel "Anglo Saxon Attitudes" appears here next Monday and in America in September. When are you both going to make a trip to England? I should be pleased to meet you. Yrs sincerely, Angus Wilson." With holograph addressed envelope. Holograph postcard: "from Angus Wilson - Thank you so much for "Hemlock." - You are very kind - you see the Queen has toothache." B/W British Museum chessmen on verso. Christmas card signed "from Angus Wilson." 2 photographs, 5 x 3.4 inches, of Wilson (author of 'The Wrong Set' Morrow, Mar. 15) by Maurice Ambler, one of which is signed on rear "Angus Wilson, May, 1956.

    Book ID: 267040
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  • Sondaar, P. Y.
    The Osteology of the Manus of Fossil and Recent Equidae: With special reference to phylogeny and function

    Amsterdam: N. V. Noord-Hollandsche Uitgevers Maatschappij, 1968. 76 pages followed by 5 black-and-white plates. Text in English. ISBN: 281AIB1050458.

    A near fine copy in wrappers (paperback).

    Book ID: 267037
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  • Cage, John
    Diary: How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) Continued Part Three (1967) [2 different copies]

    First Edition

    (West Glover, VT): (Something Else Press), 1967. 16 pages. Great Bear pamphlet 11. Parts LXI to LXXXIX of Cage's four-part text on the Vietnam War and 1960s political issues. This book is printed in two colors, but in a variety of combinations that produce a myriad of different colors on the page. ISBN: B000KTFZG0.

    First edition (first printing). Near fine copies in wrappers (paperback). This edition was published in 2 different forms. The more common form has only "Cage: Diary - $1.50" on rear page. The less common form additionally has a list of the 10 previously published Great Bear Pamphlets. It is also printed on a different paper and is smaller in height and width from the more common issue. Both forms are offered here.

    Book ID: 267036
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  • Schwartz, Marie Jenkins
    Ties That Bound: Founding First Ladies and Slaves

    First Edition

    University of Chicago Press, 2017. 420 pages. ISBN: 9780226147550.

    First edition (first printing). A fine copy in a fine dust jacket.

    Book ID: 267027
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  • Barndt, Joseph
    Understanding and Dismantling Racism: The Twenty-First Century Challenge to White America (Facets)

    Fortress Press, 2007. ISBN: 9780800662226.

    A fine copy in wrappers (paperback).

    Book ID: 267025
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    Reinventing the Enemy's Language: Contemporary Native Women's Writings of North America

    W. W. Norton & Company, 1998. ISBN: 9780393318289.

    A fine copy in wrappers (paperback).

    Book ID: 267024
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