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  • Clean Fun Starring Shoogafoots Jones by [Specialty Book Company (Publisher)]
    [Specialty Book Company (Publisher)]
    Clean Fun Starring Shoogafoots Jones

    First Edition

    Columbus, OH: Specialty Book Company, 1944. A scarce World War II-era comic book featuring several short stories starring stereotypical and racist depictions of African-Americans, with a number of text quotations underneath the strips that imply that looking back on one's (America's) past - and thus taking responsibility for the treatment of black people - is unnecessary, and that it is better to look to the future. An important piece of America's racist past, and an example of how much (or how little) social progress was achieved in the wake of the Reconstruction era. Covers printed in black, white, and red, with slightly smaller interior pages in black-and-white. ISBN: B001R5L2OU.

    First edition (first printing). White cover version (also published with a dark gray cover). In Very Good comics condition, with minor cover wear and some light aging to the interior pages. Has a single center staple with some minor rust staining.

    Book ID: 196481
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  • Wolverine (1982) #3 by [Marvel]; Chris Claremont; Frank Miller
    [Marvel]; Chris Claremont; Frank Miller
    Wolverine (1982) #3

    First Edition

    New York: Marvel, 1982. The third issue of the groundbreaking 4-issue miniseries featuring the first solo adventure of Wolverine, by comics legends Chris Claremont (X-Men) and Frank Miller (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil). ISBN: B0026R5B7M.

    First edition (first printing). In Very Good to Fine comics condition, with a few light spine stress marks and minor cover wear. Inside pages are clean. A presentable copy, despite its flaws. Ships bagged and boarded.

    Book ID: 200590
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