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  • Huelga! Strike! by Zermeno, Andrew
    Zermeno, Andrew
    Huelga! Strike!

    First Edition

    (N-pl. but Tarzana, CA): (Andrew Zermeno), 2010. 154 pages. 8.5 by 11 inches. Self published collection of short stories written and illustrated by the main graphic artist for the United Farm Workers, known for creating the political cartoons the appeared in El Malcriado, the official organ of the UFW. As in Zermeno's political cartoons, the stories here--perhaps closer to a graphic novel in form--are populated by allegorical types: el patron, el coyote, the Filipino or Mexican farmworker, the scab, etc. ISBN: 281AIB0107584.

    As new. Velobound with a clear acetate front cover. [webonly]

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